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Christa Meets a Mini
by T. M. Leland

Christa Duncan returns in paperback, new from SmallHorse Press. Christa made her debut in 1998 in "The Miniature Horse Voice," with the first in the series, "Christa Meets a Mini."

Christa Duncan is 10 years old and she has a secret. She is terrified of her father's draft horses! How can a farm girl be afraid of horses?

A day at the County Fair gives Christa an introduction to a tiny horse. A Miniature Horse! Christa's life is changed forever, as she chases her dream to have one of her very own.

Christa's stories are about a child's life in the country in mellower times. Intertwined throughout each story are the lessons of youth: responsibility, honesty, kindness, and loyalty. And small triumphs!

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